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VSE Survey & Data Miner

Data Miner Guides & Tutorials

Data Miner Guides & Tutorials

The VSE Survey & Data Miner Guide is intended to help VSE survey participants and Data Miner users better understand the VSE survey. It provides an overview of the required and optional questions on the full, partial, and minimal versions of the survey. It also maps the survey data fields to their corresponding variables in Data Miner.

The Data Miner Quick Start Guide provides an overview of the Data Miner modules and basic instructions for creating data outputs. Data Miner video tutorials are below.

We also provide direct assistance by phone or email, as well as individual and group training on the survey and Data Miner upon request. Contact us at (212) 217-0878 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) VSE.

Comparison Groups: Part 1

Using public groups; creating new groups from scratch; modifying existing groups

Comparison Groups: Part 2

Using the New Group Wizard to create comparison groups based on institution type, class, state, and other parameters

Slide Shows

Viewing and editing slides; creating text slides; using the public slide show; creating personal slide shows

Tables & Graphs

Setting parameters; adjusting for inflation; viewing data as a bar or line graph; saving in Excel; viewing multiple variables for a single year

Report Writer

Creating reports with multiple variables; setting report parameters; generating reports on-screen or in Excel; saving reports as slides

Sorted Lists

Creating sorted lists for a range of years; setting list parameters; generating the list on-screen or in Excel; saving lists as slides

Largest Donors

Setting parameters; differences between lists generated in sorted lists Vs. largest donors

Custom Variables

Creating custom variables; setting up equations; accessing saved custom variables; requesting assistance for more complex variables