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From Our Participating Institutions

M State Partners with Concordia College in up2U
Minnesota State Community and Technical College (2016)

Assessing 21st-Century Skills With Performance Tasks:  The Five-Year Journey of a Large School Division
Virginia Beach City Public Schools (2015) – Douglas Wren
[Part of a special issue of Virginia Educational Leadership (Vol. 12, Spring) on the development and use of performance tasks.] 

Why We Use The College and Work Readiness Assessment
Eagle Rock School (2015)

Aligning Assessment: Developing Performance Tasks to Assess GE Outcomes
University of North Dakota (2015)

An Analysis of the Relationships Between Assessments: PSAT, SAT, and CWRA+
Virginia Beach City Public Schools (2015)

Academic Team Gives Scholarly Presentation
Hesston College (2015)

Step Two: Using Assessments of College Readiness for School Improvement
New Tech Network and CWRA (2015)

PSU Earns High National Ranking in Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills Test
Plymouth State University (2014) 

Kudos to the CWRA
Asheville School (2014)

Measurement and Modeling of Higher Order Skills in STEM Talent Development Using the CWRA
Illinois Math & Science Academy (2013)

A Great Faculty Meeting on the CWRA+
St. Andrew’s School (2013)

New Tech Network Releases Data Demonstrating High School Students Outperform College Freshmen on Key Indicators of Higher Order Thinking Skills
New Tech Network (2013)

Collegiate Learning Assessment Contest Winner
Saint Anselm College (2013) 

An Analysis of Learning Outcomes of Underrepresented Students at Urban Institutions
The Council of Independent Colleges (2012)

CLA for Techniques-Based Geography
University of North Dakota (2012)

Catalyst for Change: The CIC/CLA Consortium
The Council of Independent Colleges (2011)

Creating an Academy of Learning: Authentic Assessment, Peer Review, and The College and Work Readiness Assessment
St. Andrew’s School (2010) – John Austin

Leading from the Middle: A Faculty Development Center at the Heart of Institutional Change
Grand Valley State University (2010) - Catherine E. Frerichs, Diana G. Pace, and Tamara Rosier
In Connie M. Schroeder & Associates (Eds.), Coming In from the Margins: Faculty Development’s Emerging Organizational Development Role in Institutional Change (2010).
(Book available from Stylus Publications with 20% Discount – Code CFM13)

Cogitating Aggravating Disaggregating
Kalamazoo College (2009) – Paul Sotherland

Evidence of Learning: Applying the Collegiate Learning Assessment to Improve Teaching and Learning in the Liberals Arts College Experience
The Council of Independent Colleges (2008)

Multiple Drafts of a College’s Narrative
Kalamazoo College (2007) – Paul Sotherland, Anne Dueweke, Kiran Cunningham, Bob Grossman