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Why CLA+ and CWRA+

Why CLA+ and CWRA+

Faced with unlimited information, students must be able to gather, analyze, and evaluate information effectively. These skills are essential to navigating today’s world.

CLA+ for colleges and CWRA+ for middle and high schools use real-world, problem-solving performance tasks to measure critical-thinking skills. The results help institutions better understand how well students are learning these skills, providing a snapshot of proficiency, growth, and program efficacy. CAE helps institutions select and use the best testing model for their particular outcome goals.

Efficacy Research/Proving Effectiveness.

CLA+/CWRA+ is a valuable assessment that can demonstrate the efficacy of your institution’s teaching and learning to stakeholders as well as current and potential new students.

CAE has consistently proven to be innovative and flexible. Our measurement science team is available to help you design an efficacy study. Start with Guide for Using CLA+/CWRA+ for Efficacy Studies

Aligning Vision, Mission, and Values. 

Institutions can use CLA+/CWRA+ to demonstrate alignment between their core values and teaching and learning practices.

Performance Tasks assess higher-order skills such as critical-thinking and written communication in a real-world, problem-based context.  

Assessing readiness. 

Measure students’ critical-thinking skills and benchmark against standard levels determined by experts from K-12, higher education, and the workforce.

Early detection of critical-thinking and writing deficits helps faculty and administration target instruction. Proficient students are recognized with digital credentials.