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CLA+ International

Reports & Data Analytics

Reports & Data Analytics

Each participating country will receive its own set of reports and data files. A data file for all students from all participating institutions within the country, along with comparative information of CAE’s national data, will be provided. Additionally, individual institutional reports and data files for each participating university, as well as comparative data across all institutions within the country, will be prepared. Finally, there will be individual student reports for all participating individuals. These reports, other comparative reports, and data will be made available for participating countries and institutions on the CLA+ Data Analytics platform.

In addition to the above data and reports, CAE can also provide access to international comparative analyses beyond the country’s data and CAE’s U.S. data through the CLA+ Data Analytics platform. Additionally, there will be opportunities to  jointly collaborate on  research.  No cross-country data will be shared without the explicit permission of a country.

Standard Setting
A formal standard setting validation study is essential for establishing benchmarks of student performance on the CLA+ International.  With an international standard, participating countries will be able to target student performance for the different mastery levels (below basic, basic, proficient, accomplished, and advanced).

The design and execution of the standard setting study for CLA+ International will be consistent with procedures adopted in the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing (AERA, APA, & NCME, 2014). This study will require a meeting, facilitated by CAE, with subject matter experts (SMEs) selected collectively by the participating institutions, who will review student responses and verify the various cut scores for the tests established from using the Bookmark (Lewis, Mitzel, Green, & Patz, 1999) standard setting procedure.

The SMEs should consist of professionals who have experience working with graduating university students who are entering the workforce or continuing their studies in graduate school.

International Benchmarking & Cross-Country Comparisons
By participating in CLA+ International, participating countries will have the opportunity if they choose to obtain international benchmarking information (for comparisons beyond their country and the United States). Participating countries who are interested in international benchmarking and cross-country comparisons also will be able to share their results and collaborate on research projects. CAE has a rich research history of international comparative studies (Benjamin et al., 2012; Klein, Zahner, Benjamin, Bolus, & Steedle, 2013; Wolf & Zahner, 2015; Wolf, Zahner, & Benjamin, 2015; Wolf, Zahner, Kostoris, & Benjamin, 2014; Zahner & Kostoris, 2016; Zahner & Steedle, 2014) and hopes to continue this line of research with global partners. No cross country data will be shared without the explicit permission of a particular country.

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Reliability and Validity

Evidence of reliability and validity of the CLA+.

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Standard Setting Study

Overview of the process which established mastery levels.

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Sample Mastery Report

A sample report that institutions receive when participating in CLA+ International.

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CLA+ Analytics

A description of CLA+ Career Connect, CLA+ Education, and CLA+ Data Analytics.