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CLA+ for Higher Education

Enrollment and Pricing

Enrollment and Pricing

Institutions participating in the annual (Cross Sectional) Institutional Growth Study  test 100 or more freshmen in the fall and 100 or more seniors in the spring. Assessing the critical thinking mastery level of a single class or other cohort can take place in any testing window. 

Cost to Participate:
$35 per student. There is a minimum testing volume of 100 students per testing window. 

Early Enrollment:
Save $400 or more (or $33 per student).
Submit payment by April 30th.

Multi-Year Discount:
Save $500 or more. (Per student pricing may vary.)
A majority of our institutions administer the CLA+ in consecutive years or in regular cycles. Institutions can save over $500 on their annual participation. Payment is still submitted on an annual basis.

Free Staff Consultation
We want to make sure that your testing model will deliver the data you need. 

For questions about enrollment, or for assistance in considering how to use CLA+, please contact us by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)or by calling (212) 217-0700.

  • Enrollment Form

  • The information below is required of all enrolling institutions:

  • Anticipated Sample Size:

  • Please provide your anticipated sample sizes, total number of students you plan to test, for each class level that will be tested. You may test in the fall and/or spring.

  • After clicking "Submit" you will receive a copy of your enrollment form and a CLA+ staff member will get in touch with you.