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CLA+ for Higher Education

Enrollment and Pricing

Enrollment and Pricing

CLA+ testing is flexible. You may assess any class level of your choosing during our fall or spring windows to receive a mastery report. You may also test freshmen in the fall and sophomores through seniors in the spring to receive a cross-sectional report.

Cost to Participate:
There is a minimum cost of $3,500 to participate in CLA+. The pricing beyond 100 students is $35 per student. Our pricing includes access to testing, reports, customer service, the Data Analytics platform, and IT assistance.

Multi-year Discount:
If you are interested in enrolling for two or more consecutive years, consider a multi-year agreement. Those enrolling at least 200 students for each year will save $500 for each year of participation.

Enrollment Form

The below information is required of all enrolling institutions.
Anticipated Sample Size:

Please provide your anticipated sample sizes, total number of students you plan to test, for each class level that will be tested. You may test in the fall and/or spring.

Electronic Memorandum of Agreement
If you are ready to sign your MOA at this time please do so by reviewing the information below and providing an electronic signature.

You may download a PDF copy of the MOA for your records by clicking here.

I have read and hereby agree to the terms of the agreement found above. Digital signature of this agreement acknowledges acceptance.

After clicking "Submit" you will receive a copy of your enrollment form and a CLA+ staff member will get in touch with you.