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CLA+/CWRA+ Applications

CLA+/CWRA+ Applications

CLA+/CWRA+ Applications offer opportunities for schools, colleges, and students to leverage their CLA+/CWRA+ participation. 

CLA+/CWRA+ Data Analytics—Enhanced Reporting 
CLA+ Data Analytics is a database platform that will offer enhanced CLA+ reporting to help institutions better understand their assessment outcomes. The platform’s search and reporting features will assist students and higher-education professionals in improving critical-thinking outcomes. Institutions will be able to select various variables to compare and understand their CLA+ data on a more granular level. Schools will also be able to create on-demand custom reports and better analyze results. The CLA+ Data Analytics feature will launch in fall 2017 and will be available free to all institutions that have administered CLA+ since 2013.

CLA+/CWRA+ Education—Faculty Development
To better align teaching and learning with assessment methods, CAE offers Performance Task Workshops, a highly interactive, collaborative program where participants develop their own performance tasks for use in their classrooms. Incorporating performance tasks into classroom learning engages students and develops critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. To date, CAE has held more than 100 faculty development workshops both nationally and internationally, serving more than 2,000 faculty members from more than 275 institutions. Our staff can also work with individual institutions to help faculty of all experience levels better align assessment, teaching, and learning. Information on CAE's Performance Task Workshops.

Credentialing Critical-Thinking Ability—Badging
CLA+ and CWRA+ features a digital badging system that provides high-performing students with verified digital credentials. Students who demonstrate proficiency on CLA+/CWRA+ are eligible for a digital badge accessed through our partner ProExam. For college students, we call the badging system CLA+ Career Connect, and we encourage students to use their badge on job boards and social media. Employers give critical-thinking and written-communication skills a high priority when they seek to fill positions. 

For more information about the benefits of any of these services, please contact the CLA+/CWRA+ Outreach team by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or at (212) 661-5800.