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New Tech Network School and Student Success Report
The New Tech Network (2018)

Critical Thinking Skills: Essential for the Future
Higher Education Funding Council fo England (2018) – Doris Zahner

Can a 20-Minute Test Tell Employers What a College Degree Cannot?
The Chronicle of Higher Education (2017) – Goldie Blumenstyk

College and University Giving Rises 1.7%
Inside Higher Ed (2017) – Rick Seltzer

Giving to Colleges Rises to a Record, but at a Slower Pace
Wall Street Journal (2017) – Melissa Korn

Harvard’s $1.2 Billion Haul Erased by Investing Loss, Payout
Bloomberg (2017) – Janet Lorin

If You Donate to These Colleges, They’re More Likely [to] Use the Money to Help Students
MarketWatch (2017) – Jillian Berman

Teaching Collaboration Through Preparation and Project-Based Learning (2016) – Dr. Jordan P. Lippman and Suzi Neft

Member Spotlight: Minnesota State Community and Technical College (2015) 

5 Skills College Grads Need to Get a Job
USA Today (2015) – Megan Elliott

To STEM or Not to STEM? That is Not the Question
Forbes (2015) – Tom Lindsay

Assessment Test Measures Seniors’ Critical Thinking Skills
The Tennessean (2015) – Leanna Landsmann

A Quest for a Different Learning Model: Playing Games in School
The Hechinger Report (2015) – Mary Talbot

ACHS Students Score High in Critical Thinking
American Canyon Eagle (2015) – Noel Brinkerhoff

Why are so Many College Students Failing to Gain Job Skills Before Graduation?
The Washington Post (2015) – Jeffrey Selingo 

Test Finds College Graduates Lack Skills for White-Collar Jobs
The Wall Street Journal (2015) – Douglas Belkin

3 Ways to Make Sure a Costly College Degree Pays Off
Money Magazine/TIME (2014) – Kim Clark

Are Colleges to Blame for Slackers?
CBS MoneyWatch (2014) – Lynn O'Shaughnessy

Colleges Don't Teach Much, but College Students Don't Know It
Mother Jones (2014) – Kevin Drum

'Adrift' After College: How Graduates Fail
The Chronicle of Higher Education (2014) – Dan Berrett 

The Economic Price of Colleges’ Failures
The New York Times (2014) – Kevin Carey

Policy Choices for Measuring Student Learning
New America EdCentral (2014) – Ben Miller

Judge Colleges and Universities by Their Outcomes
U.S. News & World Report (2014) – Daniel Greenstein

Fort Knox Showcases Energy, Personnel, Leadership Programs To Under Secretary Carson (2014) – Maureen A. Rose

More Learning Needed at Nova Scotia Universities, New Report Suggests
Metro Halifax (2014) – Haley Ryan

The CLA+ Exam: A Game-Changer for Accountability in Higher Education
Forbes (2014) – William J. Bennett and David Wilezol

Measuring Our Success
Independent School Magazine (2014) – John Gulla and Olaf Jorgenson

College Uses Test Data to Show Value
Wall Street Journal (2014) – Douglas Belkin

Digital Badges Need Mass to Matter
EdSurge (2014) – Frank Catalano

Learning Metrics: How Can We Know That Students Know What They Are Supposed to Know?
Trusteeship (2014) – Ellen Chaffee

Giving Assessment a Better Name
Independent School Magazine (2014) – John Chubb

A Standardized Test for 21st Century Skills
P21 Blog (2014) – Jonathan Martin 

What Colleges Will Teach in 2025
Time Magazine (2013) – Jon Meacham

A College Degree Isn’t Enough
Kiplinger’s Personal Finance (2013) – Knight Kiplinger

The Top 10 Workplace Trends For 2014
Forbes (2013) – Dan Schawbel

Skill Development in Higher Education
Committee for Economic Development (2013) – William W. Lewis

CLA+: The Future of College Hiring, or a Lesson in Redundancy?
NACE Journal (2013) – Edwin W. Koc & Kenneth C. Tsang

Proving Value – Flagler College to Implement CLA+ Testing
Florida Trend (2013) – Mike Vogel

New College Grad Exam May Help Determine Employability (2013) – Kristin Cifolelli

What’s a Degree Worth? A New Test Will Help Employers Know What a Graduate Has Learned (2013) – Raghav Singh

Some Colleges Requiring Exit Exams [+ Video]
KARE-TV (NBC Affiliate – Twin Cities) (2013) – Boua Xiong

The New Test for Grads That Could Get Them a Job
The Fiscal Times (2013) – Beth Braverman 

The Tuition is Too Damn High, Part X: So How Do We Fix It?
The Washington Post (2013) – Dylan Matthews 

Future Value of College Educations - ROI (Real or Implied) Credentials
The Huffington Post (2013) – Dr. Robert L. Breuder

New Test Provides Students with Better Options
Collegiate Times (2013) – Eric Jones 

A Post-College SAT Awaits Many Incoming Students
MSN News (2013) – Eli Epstein 

Everything You Need To Know About Obama’s Higher Ed Plan
The Washington Post (2013) – Dylan Matthews 

Are You Ready for the Post-College SAT? [+ Video]
Wall Street Journal (2013) – Douglas Belkin

Seriously, How Much Did You Learn in College?
Bloomberg Businessweek (2013) - Peter Coy

More Minn. Colleges and Universities Offering Exit Exams [+ Video]
KSTP-TV (ABC Affiliate – Twin Cities) (2013) – Ellen Galles

Universities Challenged
The Economist (2013)

School Daze: Changing Face of College [segment begins at 1:30]
CNBC Closing Bell (2013)

Post-College Exam Seeks to Determine Employability
USA Today (2013) – Jackie Tempera

Obama Plan to Rank Colleges: Will It Raise Thinking Skills?
Christian Science Monitor (2013) – Monitor’s Editorial Board

Can You Answer Questions From the New College Exit Exam?
Business Insider (2013) – Vivian Gang

New Test Aims to Benchmark Skills of U.S. College Graduates
Reuters (2013) – Daniel Lovering

The Missing Half of the Education Debate
Harvard Business Review (2013) – Alan Kantrow

Beyond Grades
Inside Higher Ed (2013) – Paul Fain

Minnesota Program Will Offer a Tuition Break Based on Scores on a Standardized Test
The Chronicle of Higher Education (2013) – Dan Berrett

Students Might Not Be 'Academically Adrift' After All, Study Finds
The Chronicle of Higher Education (2013) – Dan Berrett

Less Academically Adrift?
Inside Higher Ed (2013)  – Doug Lederman

Need a Job? Invent It.
The New York Times (2013) – Thomas Friedman

If Not the SAT, What?
The Huffington Post (2013) – C.M. Rubin

Ensuring Academic Quality in Higher Ed
The Huffington Post (2013) – Dr. Robert Mendenhall

Big Data in Independent Schools: Assessing What We Value
Education Week (2013) – Peter Gow

How Should We Test Students' College Educations?
NPR (2012)

College 2.0: Transforming Higher Education Through Greater Innovation and Smarter Regulation
Institute for a Competitive Workforce (2011) – T. Vance McMahan & Mario Loyola

‘Trust Us’ Won’t Cut It Anymore
The Chronicle of Higher Education (2011) – Kevin Carey 

Exam Tests Students' Skills, Not Memories
The Gainesville Times (2011) – Dallas Duncan.

High Schools Should Dare to Measure Success Differently
The Washington Post (2010)  – Jay Mathews

Measuring Skills for the 21st Century
Education Sector Reports (2008)  – Elena Silva

Rigor Redefined
Educational Leadership (2008) – Tony Wagner

What's Wrong With Boasting About CLA Scores?
Inside Higher Ed (2008) – Kevin Carey 

No Graduate Left Behind
The New York Times Magazine (2007) – James Traub

Life is Not a Standardized Test
Evolution Evolving (2006) Richard H. Hersh

Is Our Students Learning?
Washington Monthly (2006) – Kevin Carey